Software & Drivers

DeltaTrak strives to provide you with the highest quality products and services at the best value possible. A comprehensive range of value-added services is an integral part of every cold chain information management program. These services include needs assessments and program recommendations, full technical support, calibration and certification services to support insurance claims, data archiving, monthly reports summarizing trip data, and assistance with data analysis. We continually look for ways to maximize the benefits of every product and service that we offer so you have a comprehensive cold chain management solution.


Software NameDescription

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FlashPDF Software (PC software to create an Adobe®PDF file from the data retrieved from the logger) - Free. last revised - 3/2/2017


Reusable Data Loggers

Software NameDescription
FlashLink Program Manager FlashLink Program Manager (PC software for use with reprogrammable data loggers - PN 20200-20209, 20261, 20268, 20269)
FlashPDF Program Manager 5.1 FlashPDF Program Manager 5.1  Please order software license from customer service
USB Program manager USB Program Manager Please order software license from customer service

Wireless Systems

Software NameDescription
FlashLInk Wireless Manager Software FlashLink Wireless Manager Software (PC software for use with PN 20121 thru 20159)
FlashLink Wireless SP Module FlashLink Wireless SP Module Software (PC software that extends the capability of the FlashLink Wireless Manager and allows network and remote data base access)
FlashRF Manager FlashRF Manager Software (PC software for use with PN 20170 thru 20188)


Driver NameDescription

USB to Serial Cable Adapter

PC Device Driver for USB adapter to serial cable adapter

FlashLink USB Adapters Driver

PC Device Driver for the FlashLink USB and CT-USB adapters