FlashLink® RTL 3G Cryo Reusable Data Logger

Model 22370

  • Monitor ultra low temperature during storage and transport using dry ice or liquid nitrogen
  • External sensor tracks temperature of products
  • No need to open shipping box or vehicle door to read data
  • Location data plotted on Google Maps
  • Data is automatically uploaded to 24/7 cloud service
  • On-board memory records data every 5 minutes
  • Option to download PDF report to PC with USB cable
  • 12-month battery shelf life
  • Optional Bluetooth printer provides paper chart on demand
Applications: Real-time monitoring for storage and transport under cryo and dry ice conditions

The FlashLink RTL 3G Cryo Reusable Data Logger monitors and reports temperature and location during transport of perishable temperature sensitive products. Track deliveries using a cloud based service to see real-time route information and conditions in a truck or airplane. The RTL 3G Cryo Reusable Logger offers real-time reporting and a PDF backup when there's no cellular service available.

This reliable reusable data logger sends data, at regular intervals, to the cloud, where it’s always available. The PDF backup and a new flight mode feature give this logger class leading ability to track shipments anywhere! An online dashboard makes data available to shippers at all times, even before a shipment reaches the receiving dock.

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