TempDot® Plus Blood Temp 6

Model 51066

  • Irreversible, single-use temperature indicator
  • Monitor storage temperature compliance
  • Indicates exposure above 6°C/43°F
  • Self-adhesive, apply directly to blood bags
  • Serial numbered for traceability
  • Ensure patient safety and compliance with regulatory standards
Applications: Transportation/Distribution of Blood Products

Apply this temperature indicator label directly to pre-chilled blood bags to monitor conditions during storage of whole blood, red blood cells (RBCs) and plasma in blood banks, hospital refrigerators or temporary storage units. These labels ensure patient safety and minimize unnecessary discarding of questionable blood bags by providing immediate visual indication as to whether or not they have not been exposed to temperature excursions. Blood can be reissued when there is proof that it hasn’t exceeded 6°C/43°F, meeting Good Distribution Practices (GDP) for blood, which defines temperature storage for whole blood and RBCs between 1°C and 6 °C.

TempDot Plus Blood Temp 6 provides a low cost solution for verifying blood bags have not been exposed to unsafe temperature conditions which could cause bacterial growth and harm patients. Improve blood handling programs, reduce loss rates, and ensure regulatory compliance by using this simple, accurate pass/fail temperature indicator.

Not Activated
Exposed to Temperature Above 6°C