TempDot® Plus Duo Label

Model 51063

  • Irreversible, single-use time/temperature indicator
  • Detects exposure above two temperature thresholds
  • Self-adhesive, apply directly to vaccine packaging
  • Follows WHO recommendations for monitoring vaccines
  • Easy to interpret results
Applications: Shipping, Storage, Distribution of Vaccines

These labels are a low cost solution to indicate when vaccines have been exposed to high temperatures. Results are easy to interpret so health care workers will know which vials are unsafe to use. This reduces the danger of administering ineffective vaccines to patients and putting them at risk of contracting preventable diseases.

TempDot Plus Duo Label is applied directly to vaccine packaging to monitor temperature during storage, shipping and distribution. It ensures patient safety and eliminates unnecessary discarding of vaccines by verifying efficacy has not been compromised with breaks in the cold chain. Two ascending temperature thresholds provide visual confirmation of exposure above these limits. Window A turns blue after 3 days above 10°C/50°F, window B turns blue after 8 days, window C after 14 days. Window D turns blue after 3 hours above 34°C/93°F.