PrimePro EAP Ethylene Absorption Packaging [EAP]

Model 19030, 19031, 19032

  • Extends shelf life of food and maintains quality
  • Linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) plastic film
  • Proprietary additive for ethylene adsorption
  • Anti-fog additive reduce water droplets
  • No special equipment required for packaging process
  • No gas needed to replace air under pallet cover

PrimePro® EAP Pallet Covers, Model 19030

The PrimePro EAP® pallet covers are more cost effective than using other gas mixture or gas flushed MAP pallet cover systems. The covers are extremely quick to apply, using only one or two employees as opposed to multiple employees required to cover, seal, and inject the gas into the cover of a gas MAP system. PrimePro EAP® pallet bags install in seconds, do not require airtight seals around the bottom of the pallet and eliminate the extra cost and equipment associated with gas additives.

PrimePro® EAP Carton Liners, Model 19031 

Using PrimePro EAP® products ensures that produce is delivered with the best quality possible. This includes optimum flavor, appearance, and texture. Quick and easy to use, the plastic film also contains an anti-fog additive to reduce the accumulation of condensation inside the covered produce. This feature is essential for extending the shelf life of food, as excess moisture causes mold growth and accelerates decay.

PrimePro® EAP Sheets, Model 19032

PrimePro EAP® pallet covers, carton liners and sheets are plastic polyethylene products containing a proprietary additive that removes ethylene from the air surrounding fresh produce to slow down the process of ripening and decay and extending the shelf life of food. PrimePro is made of a porous, breathable plastic that allows the proper exchange of gases through the packaging, which helps prevent the growth of anaerobic bacteria. Removing ethylene combined with proper temperature storage conditions significantly extends the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables.