FlashTrak® Telematics Wireless Monitoring Solution

Real-time, continuous monitoring and recording for facilities where temperature and humidity sensitive products are stored, such as warehouses, distribution centers, walk-in coolers, processing, packing and staging areas, clean rooms and laboratories. FlashTrak TM Data Loggers send data wirelessly to a Facility Control System (FCS) which uploads information to ColdTrak Data Central cloud service via Wi-Fi or cellular connection. Alerts are automatically sent to personnel when out-of-range conditions are detected, so immediate action is taken to prevent product loss. Actionable data shows patterns and trends used for making informed decisions to improve cold chain management practices. Reports are viewed, analyzed and archived in ColdTrak for traceability and to validate compliance with GDP/GMP, HACCP, FSMA, FDA and other regulatory requirements.

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Product Selection

  • 22125 FlashTrak Telematics FCS2 – Facility Control System Receiver
  • 22083 FlashTrak TMX Repeater
  • 22080 FlashTrak TMX Data Logger
  • 22081 FlashTrak TM Data Logger
  • 22104 FlashTrak TM Temperature and Humidity Data Logger
  • 22105 FlashTrak TM Data Logger with external sharp tip probe and 3M cable