DeltaTrak FlashTrak Telematics solutions use modern state-of-the-art technology combined with the latest M2M communications to provide focused cost effective monitoring/tracking of refrigerated transport vehicles, containers, packages, and stationary cold storage facilities. While most telematics solutions in the industry focus on vehicle telemetry, fuel efficiency, driver habits and operational benefits, DeltaTrak’s FlashTrak solutions allow users to improve product quality by providing key data that will help increase product shelf life. As a result, customers will achieve higher revenues and gain a larger percentage of sellable products, directly resulting in lower shrinkage.

Telematics NetworkThe FlashTrak Telematics Solutions provide real-time data collection at any specified point along the cold chain or it can be used in the more traditional approach where data loggers are shipped along with the produce and data is uploaded upon arrival. Temperature and humidity data can be collected in the real-time using the FlashTrak TM hardware which may include a Mobile Control System (MCS) for data collection during transport or a Facility Control System (FCS) for collecting data in fixed locations, such as a cold storage warehouse, pre-coolers or processing facilities. We offer various wireless loggers based on the users is our cloud-based service which is unique and powerful tool that allows client access to critical data anytime anywhere in the world. It employs high security access control, sophisticated product emulation algorithms, reporting alarms via email/text message, and easy to read graphs/charts which can be integrated into an existing network as needed, so we work alongside the customer. FlashTrak Telematics is a complete solution that provides access to important temperature and humidity data, along with leading edge product temperature emulation. It can be integrated with existing customer ERP systems and on-demand supply chain management applications through ColdTrak Connect, giving a complete solution for cold chain processes.

FlashTrak Telematics Solutions