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The FlashTrak Telematics Cold-Storage Facility solution shall provide temperature monitoring of products being stored in a cold storage warehouse and display information on a data enabled tablet via the Facility Control System (FCS). It will offer the customer the ability to keep a close watch on their cold storage warehouse temperatures using a combination of our Loggers and Repeaters (optional). The data will be uploaded to ColdTrak Data Central using either the cellular data network or WiFi at which point the customer has access to it anywhere in the world.

In this solution, the shipper of the temperature sensitive products will use FlashTrak TM Data Loggers to record ambient air and/or product temperature within a facility. The FlashTrak TM/TMX Data Loggers are in strategic locations to give a wide coverage area and can be mounted anywhere the customer wishes to monitor air temperature. The combination of loggers and repeaters will communicate wirelessly with the Facility Control System (FCS) installed where management can view temperatures on the tablet in real time. All of the data will be automatically uploaded to ColdTrak where reports and alarm conditions can be pre-set for notification as needed.